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Autographed by Lara Saint Paul.

Lara Saint Paul, 2001

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In this photo from left to right: Lionel Hampton, Louis Armstrong, his wife Lucille and Lara Saint Paul (wearing sunglasses). Louis and Lara performed the legendary 'Mi va di cantare'. Festival Sanremo, 1968.
Lara on the balcony in Sanremo.

Lara Saint Paul and Louis Armstrong celebrate his 70th birthday together at "Paps" house in Corona, New York.

Frank Sinatra, Lara Saint Paul and Pier Quinto Cariaggi. Sinatra returned to Italy after 24 years in September 27, 1986 for a tour organized by Cariaggi.

Lara Saint Paul, Luciano Pavarotti and Pier Quinto Cariaggi at the Palatrussardi grand gala awarding the "Heros of the World Cup."

Lara at one of her favorite restaurants, the Ristorante Zeffirino in Genoa, Italy.

Lara Saint Paul and Quincy Jones. Their mutual bond, founded in their love of music, continues today.

Hillary Rodham Clinton meets Lara Saint Paul at an event in Los Angeles, USA.

Il Giornale OGGI, 3/12/1969. Lara Saint Paul and her daughter Manuela Cariaggi present "La Moda Sulla Neve (Fashion on the Snow)" and share the cover with Elizabeth Taylor.
Lara Saint Paul and her daughter, Manuela Cariaggi. Manuela is an accomplished journalist (the column "Vita dei VIP") and works in public relations.