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URGENT NEWS 2017: Lara Saint Paul was said by Louis Armstrong to have one of the most beautiful voices that he had ever heard..now, after more than a 50 year career throughout the world and in Italy, always representing her country in the best possible way through a musical experience unlike any other, her health has betrayed her. She is fighting with her whole being, and always with a smile that she gave us in thousands of her concerts, television and more ..she needs our help NOW. Please help her!
Thank you so much.
Mirella Pagani
News and projects:
  • Lara was a celebrity guest appearing at the grand gala opening celebrations of the new Casino di Lugano with her daughter, Manuela Cariaggi.

  • October 10, 2008: Lara Saint Paul guest stars on the television program I Migliori Anni, broadcast by Rai Uno in collaboration with Endemol Italia and hosted by Padre Ralph and Serena Grandi.
  • June 24, 2008: Lara Saint Paul performs in Milan for La Notte della Solidarietà with a concert at the Palasharp, Via Saint'Elia 33. The event benefits WOPSEC (WORLD ORGANIZATION OF PEDIATRIC SURGERY FOR EMERGING COUNTRIES), an international health care organization of volunteers whose main aim is to help disadvantaged children in need of surgery that are unable to receive any medical care. Photo: Daniele Interrante and Lara Saint Paul, by V. Di Blasi.

  • May 2, 2007: RAI, TG1. Lara Saint Paul is the guest star on the Uno Mattina studio broadcast for a show dedicated to her personal friend Frank Sinatra. Lara and her husband PQ Cariaggi organized Sinatra's return to Italy in 1986 and subsequent tours after 24 years abroad.
  • Ed io tra di voi. Italian television station Rete4 featured a musical tribute to Frank Sinatra. The guest of honor was the longtime friend of Sinatra and his family, Lara Saint Paul, who sang some Sinatra duets with Bobby Solo. (From www.thevoice.it) Click here to read more.

  • The release of Lara Saint Paul's unpublished duets with the legendary Louis Armstrong. Photo: Louis Armstrong and Lara at the Sanremo Music Festival, 1968. Click here for a video of Louis Armstrong dedicating a song to Lara Saint Paul.

  • A line of baby and toddler clothes designed by Lara Saint Paul in Italy.
  • Viva Hollywood and the Merit of Achievement Award. Click here to read more.
  • The upcoming release of Lara's new album "This is My Life" with all new songs by Lara Saint Paul. Recorded in Italy and in Hollywood, USA at a studio in the "Crossroads of the World" landmark, the album contains all new tracks. The new recordings span the range of pop, R&B, jazz, and romantic ballads with some wonderful surprises for Lara's fans across the world. The recordings are completed and the album is being mixed and finished in Italy. These images show Lara in the Hollywood studio when Lara was recording a new song, "I Promise."